Made for the umby jam, in this game you play as a genderfluid tiefling who is picking out their outfit for the day ahead.

I wanted to express my experiences with gender expression as a nonbinary person with this game. I know it's a bit short, but I hope it still manages to depict a nonbinary queer experience well. 

Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, LGBT


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How do I take off clothes? I'm wearing everything in the house and I don't know what to do.


I didn't include a function to swap between different outfits (because I was working in bitsy and I wasn't sure which hacks would help, and I wanted to release the game in time for the umby game jam). Its kind of implied that whichever color palette you are in reflects the tiefling's gender, and that the clothes in that room are what the tiefling wants to wear. So when you leave that room, it is assumed that you are wearing that palette's outfit. 

The palettes, from the first room taking the right arrow onward are as follows:

Palette one - purple, violet, teal, outfit: button-up, skirt, scarf

Palette two - pink, salmon, blue, outfit: flannel, overalls, baseball cap

Palette three - green, orange, yellow, outfit: clashing flannel, vest, flashy shoes

Palette four - blue, magenta, purple, outfit: scarf, frilly skirt, heels

Palette five - pinkish-red, yellow, light blue, outfit: jean jacket, enamel pin, stylish boots

Palette six - purple, white, yellow, outfit: big coat, ripped jeans, punk boots

I'm sorry it's not more clear about which outfits you were wearing. I just wanted to make a game in the regular bitsy engine because I didn't want to hack this one for time constraints. Thanks for playing, and I hope this response helps!


Wow, what a sweet game! I really like how you used color and different clothing to describe how genderfluid folks might feel from day to day. Extra shout out  for describing gender with words like intrepid or arcane. I also love how you designed their room. Great job!

Thank you so much!! I appreciate the kind words