This is a short game about attending Awesome Games Done Quick. I usually tune in to this speedrun online, but I was lucky enough to attend this year. I thought it would make a great bitsy game. I hope you like it!

Made withBitsy


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what a cute idea! I loved getting a digital tour of agdq :3 and CAT PUNS!

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the cats :3


i've never actually watched AGDQ but it seems fun!


They upload all of the runs on Twitch and YouTube as VODs. If you are ever interested in checking them out, that's a great place to start.

I finally got to attend one after watching them consistently for a few years, and it was super fun to see all the work that goes into running the event. 


ooh i didn't kno they uploaded (tho in retrospect, makes sense) i totally might check them out :3


Thanks for making such a neat game! I really like the concept of exploring a space that so many people only get to see through the digital lens. It really feels like a tour of the actual location, which I think is the main idea in the first place. Great job!

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Thank you!! I'm glad the idea came across :>